An important meeting


Rita has been an important person
on my healing journey. I started seeing her in 2010 for osteopathic treatments. I was as broken as a human/woman can be. Up until then I had had a long and intensive period of trauma healing through EMDR and other techniques and I felt that I had really come a long way. However, I hadn’t been able to involve my body in the healing process, at all, as I just didn’t have the energy and strength to do that. I was just too traumatised to heal everything simultaneously, psychologically/mentally, bodily and spiritually. It seemed that the soundest way in the long term was to heal one function at a time as not to break down completely as a human. I was living, surviving and continuing my healing journey but my body was on Saturn and my soul…well somewhere else. With Ritas warm, patient and firm presence I was able to start healing and integrating body and mind. I am forever grateful to Rita for this.

I remember when Rita found LBL and went to England for her training. I was still getting osteopathic treatments from her. I could see this was something that changed her, her path in life and something that profoundly ignited her. As for myself, I felt that I was not ready, and I needed to do some more healing and feel more integrated as a human being before embarking upon something like that.

Years went by, I continued my healing journey with the help of other people sent on my path.  One day Rita was (sent?) back in my life again. I had healed so much and was ready for the next step, and I was longing to connect my soul with my body and mind, and with my existence in this life. The LBL journey was such a delight for me and especially my soul. My body and mind could just rest calmly on Rita’s couch listening to the warm fire, restful but still fully awake, and it was so wonderful to let my soul, communicate directly, without going through the mind in this way. The communication was so authentic, direct, sometimes very surprising, interesting and soothing, not having to think ahead, analyse or ponder about anything. I was so present, witnessing the communication between Rita and my soul, on this journey not knowing what would come next and just responding as Rita guided me through this journey with her questions. For me the communication felt timeless and at the same time eternal. On this journey I found the core wounding in my life, the very beginning of it and some of the incarnations where this had played out. In my present incarnation this wound is finally healed, and I also received directions on how I can move forward in my life and share my experiences, wisdom and gifts to the world. It is not as everything fell magically in place and life got perfect, at least not for me, but it was such an important step for me to take on my journey here on earth. I am not sure how and when, but I trust that it will all be revealed in time, step-by-step, how to manifest the information I received on this LBL-journey. Timing is everything, when it is not time -to wait, and when the time is right – the time is right.

In doing any healing work, and particularly LBL, it is important for me to feel safe and trust the guide/facilitator in the process, in this case Rita. I feel that Rita really takes on the role of a guide and facilitator in the most warm, sincere and loving way, there is no ego or achievement driven factors on her part which is such a blessing and what makes the LBL-sessions so meaningful and giving – at least for me.

Anna-Maria L.