About Rita Borenstein

Since 1979 when I became a nurse in Vaasa, Finland I have helped people heal from within. For many years I was running the holistic “Center for Wellbeing” in Stockholm.

I am a nurse, TCM Acupuncture Practioner TCM Akupunktör, Osteopath D.O. Osteopat D.O. specialized in Biodynamisk Kraniell Osteopati and Hypnotherapist. Since 2012 I am the first hypnotherapist in Sweden trained by The Newton Institute in Life between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy for spiritual regression. In 2018 I published my first book: “To Soul Home and Back”.

Foto: Magnus Pamp 2018

Member of The Newton Institute

Articles about and by me in The Stories of Afterlife, the The Newton Institute newsletter




You will find my name under “Locate a therapist” on TNI Website The Newton Institute (TNI)I am a very active volunteer mainly as Mentor Co-Ordinator for TNI Education. In May 2017 I met my TNI soul family at our first world conference in Maryland, US.

TNI Congress members in our first world conference.