Röster om boken

Sträckläste din bok

  Jag sträckläste din bok på en kväll! Kunde inte släppa den när jag börjat. Magnus

Attractive jacket and all

Hi my dear Rita, Thank-you so very much for your precious book! I love the way it is put together- attractive jacket and all. I am very excited to have it in my hands and to be able to read it at last. We just returned home from our trip to coastal and northern Maine last evening, so we went to the post office this morning and your book was there! Thank-you dearly. Sending much love and many blessings, Elizabeth Watson🌸 

Behändig liten bok

Spontant är känslan "vilken härlig liten bok" - inkl layout. Toppenjobb! /The Surgeon

Your book is beautiful

Dear Rita, When I received your book by mail on Saturday, I felt intense joy and gratitude because it is beautiful. Seeing it printed and sensing it in my hands gave me the feeling that it is a precious gift to humanity. Also, I realized how wonderfully it expresses your soul, your whole being, in contents but also in the makeup. Somehow, I sense and feel your energy shining and radiating from the book. You can be very proud and feel fulfillment in your life purpose. Thank you again wholeheartedly for the honor to write a foreword and so to contribute something to its meaning...

Vilken välskriven bok!

Gratulerar!!! Vilken välskriven bok med fint flyt och bra engelska. Snygg layout, typografi, behagligt papper och inte minst vackra bilder på författaren! Du har lagt ner ett jätte arbete. Det har säkert varit lite skoj också särskilt med de fina förorden du har fått av dina lbl-kollegor. Vilken vandring du har gjort, jag är så glad för dig, att du har hittat fram och det på bara sex år. Jag har nu storm läst boken och gläder mig till att börja om från början. Läsa om de avsnitt som har talat speciellt till mig och att begrunda de frågor som...

Inspiring book, leading the reader on a comprehensive journey

To Soul Home and Back is an inspiring book, leading the reader on a comprehensive journey of life between lives hypnotherapy for spiritual regression (LBL). The book is divided into six sections, including, Part 2, the nature of life between lives regression, Part 3, the author’s personal story of experiencing and working with LBL, and Part 4, a detailed LBL of her client, the surgeon. I loved the way Rita illustrated her points with examples in part 2. I found it illuminating to know her history LBL and how she came to do this work. I enjoyed the surgeon’s story that touched...