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I welcome English speaking clients for LBL as well. Feel free to contact me for further information in English.

Helping each client with balancing mind, body and soul, learning how to walk on their True Path in life using the Unconditional Love of the universe. Teaching them how to truly love and accept themselves while providing a safe and sacred space.

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Letters from LBL clients

November 7th 2019

Ms. Borenstein:

Today, after experiencing my first fascinating Past Life/Regression Therapy session with one of your Colleagues (Billy Hunter, Fairfield, Iowa USA) I was given yet another gift: a copy of your book. I will joyfully read it and loan it out to my friends.
Those of us who have tender eyes and/or are audio learners hope there might be a downloadable MP3 audio version of “To Soul Home and Back” in the works. If so, I will watch for it and be one of the first persons in line to purchase one.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You are cherished and appreciated.
Elizabeth (Liz) Koffron-Eisen

Your book is such a blessing. I finished it and passed it along to my very good friend Martin who referred me to LBL in the first place. Your book is so easy to ready and arranged in short chapters, but so very powerful talking about your experiences and those of the surgeon.

When you write that you wanted to get far away from Vasa and pursue your life I am reminded of a very popular song in the US from 1980, Lubbock, Texas, in my rear view mirror Are you familiar with it?

Gary the Professor

Dear Rita!

Thank you for the LBL session and for your book. I read it and it was interesting to have a look to more detailed descriptions of the client cases.

I have had very vivid dreams after our session. I also have decided to start hypnotherapy studies next month. So, time to take some new steps… I wish you beautiful Autumn days there! With warm regards R.P.

LBL September 2018

A transforming experience

Rita is a great healer full of compassion. Already her way of approaching me makes me feel whole and held by grace. And her “temple” out in the garden- the little annex where she receives her clients- is very inviting and feels like a womb filled with light, calming fragrance and warmth.

The LBL was transforming. Rita´s way of guiding me through this process made me feel safe even during the more sensitive transitions when I felt lost in space and got the urge to leave. She directly helped me to get on track again.

Afterwards I felt as if I had been on a very long, long journey in my inner self. I found out important aspects of my spiritual guides.I often doubt that they are there with me, but through this journey I became clear that i have full support- if I just ask for it.

Gunilla Hamne

“I am pleased to say…

that I received an amazing Life between Lives(LBL) session from Rita right at the start of her journey into this wonderfully healing work; you would never have known because her natural affinity and intuition to form a bond and put you at easy is immeasurable. Indeed the bonde between therapist and client is very intimate as the therapist acts as a facilitator for the journey ahead; this is built on considerable trust. Rita has a warm and natural ability to put you at ease and guide you to your own experience.

My LBL journey with Rita has been absolutely life changing and a major force for good. There were many things that I wanted answers to; this is part of the human psyche to understand, know and acts accordingly. The answers once in between lives were instant and immediate. Perhaps the biggest revelation was the understanding that my beloved dog who “died” one year earlier was indeed my spirit guide. A spark of the soul energy has been available to me in the form of my dog Sammie, the greatest love of my life. His presence has been given to me to act as a model for not only receiving unconditional love, but showing others how to give it without prejudice and judgement.

In the days and weeks that have followed my LBL, I have reached a point of acceptance, no longer tormented by grief, but an absolute assurance and inner knowing, This in turn has allowed a sense of peacefulness and gratitude to flow through me and around me. Rita is the gentlest soul and a perfect example of how a guide is there to act as a support in helping you to help yourself. Rita´s love, support and care are second to none and will help your journey to be all that you want to be.”

Christine L E Walker

Clinical Hypnotherapist/Past Life Regression Therapist/LBL facilitator

Human Givers Coach

Sports-Remedial Therapist/Reflexologist

Fear of heights

After my LBL session I find myself free from former fear of heights when climbing ladders, escalators and bridges over water. I recommend an LBL session for everyone who suffers from phobia and anxiety that restrain life. It can be a miracle cure, or bot, but by reminding me with my inner pictures from the session, I find an inner peace in former scary situations.

Aryel Walett

I use my insights from LBL daily

Every day I use the images fro my LBL sessions in my relaxation/mediation moments preparing to bring the most to myt clients, family and friends. Now I have a place within where I can rest into doing the job. My mission. Thank you.

Aryel Walett