Welcome to Rita Borenstein Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy!

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Since 2012 I have been the first hypnotherapist in Sweden trained by The Newton Institute. Dr. Newton describes in his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” how it is possible in deep hypnotic trance not only to remember one’s past life but also the life between lives in non-physical soul state.

I am one of the 200 people in the world who practices LBL hypnotherapy based on the work of Dr. Newton. As a Swedish ambassador for The Newton Institute I often give lectures and workshops about LBL.

Sessions are offered primarily in my rural house in Fagervik 523, Knivsta. My home and practice is located an hour drive north from Stocholm. My place is close to Uppsala and Arlanda Airport.

Please contact Rita Borenstein on +46 707 707 199 or lbl@ritaborenstein.se

Articles from Stories of the AfterLife newsletter

Where in the World is my LBL Hypnotherapist?

An Interview with Rita Borenstein, Certified LBL Hypnotherapist Interviewed by Savarna Wiley Since 1979 when Rita Borenstein became a nurse in Vaasa, Finland, she has helped people heal from within. For many years she was running the holistic Center for Wellbeing in Stockholm. She is a registered nurse, TCM Acupuncture Practitioner, Osteopath D.O., specialized in Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy and hypnotherapist. Since 2012 she is the first hypnotherapist in Sweden trained by The Newton Institute in Life between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy for spiritual regression. In 2018 she published her first book: To Soul Home and Back – About Life between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression....

I Recharged my Batteries with LBL

I have worked as a nurse and later as an Osteopath D.O.  for over 30 years now, yet I have never experienced such an amazingly rewarding, and still enormously energy-consuming task as having a daily practice as an LBL facilitator trained by The Newton Institute. Ever since I was certified as an LBL facilitator in 2013, I have been very busy with LBL sessions, workshops and my volunteer commitment as TNI Certification Mentor Coordinator. From time to time a deep renewal for myself is necessary! A few months after my first book, To Soul Home and Back: Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy...