To Soul Home and Back is an inspiring book, leading the reader on a comprehensive journey of life between lives hypnotherapy for spiritual regression (LBL).

The book is divided into six sections, including, Part 2, the nature of life between lives regression, Part 3, the author’s personal story of experiencing and working with LBL, and Part 4, a detailed LBL of her client, the surgeon.

I loved the way Rita illustrated her points with examples in part 2. I found it illuminating to know her history LBL and how she came to do this work. I enjoyed the surgeon’s story that touched on so many issues important to all of us in our current lives, including heath, war, illness and death. The other three sections, Introduction, Integration and Conclusion are important and informative that bookend the luminous centre.

I was delighted with the way this book was written. It is easy to read, and the concepts are well-expressed and readily understandable.

Shining through the whole book was Rita’s gentle honesty, compassion for humanity, and her commitment to creating joy, understanding and spiritual connection for all her clients and those who read this book.

If you would like to know more about living your life with trust, comfort and more knowledge of your soul journey and afterlife, I strongly recommend this book.

Karen Joy
Sunshine Coast