My book about LBL hypnotherapy

To soul home and back is about my journey as Life between Lives Facilitator in Sweden since 2012. The book describes a very deep kind of hypnosis that Dr. Michael Newton created during many decades of work with thousands of clients. In his groundbreaking books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls he describes how it is possible to remember not only past lives but also the non-physical soul state in life between lives. The Newton Institute is now proudly carrying on his legacy through 200 global members.

In my book To Soul Home and Back I explain how the method works and share a case story with a surgeon who had three LBL sessions with me during 2015. I also share my personal story both as an LBL facilitator and one of my LBL sessions with a colleague.

Podcast with Simon Bown asking me questions about “To soul home and back”

Book Review by Pete Smith in Stories of Afterlife

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